Hand sewn cheongsam, 2020
Due to the move to virtual learning in March 2020, my Pattern Making for the Theater class swapped real-life models for Barbie dolls. Using our knowledge of measuring, drafting, and sewing, my classmates and I made dresses of our choice as our final project. Here my Barbie is wearing a cheongsam made with brocade and with frog closures to close the dress from the right side seam to the collar. One of the most challenging parts of this project was converting all our garment measurement instructions to a doll's scale!

Making a Hanfu (Qixiong Ruqun), Winter 2016-17

This was a part of my senior seminar project in high school, where we spent 100+ hours researching, developing, and finally presenting our topic of interest to our peers. I was interested in traditional Asian dress and compared the Chinese hanfu of the Tang dynasty with the Korean hanbok of the Joseon dynasty. 

Making a Hanbok, Winter 2016-17

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