During the end of August and earlier this month, I was fortunate to join a Natural Dye and Paper Bojagi workshop, hosted by artists Radha Pandey (IG: @pandey.radha) and Steph Rue (IG: @sjrue). The bright yellow paper is hanji dyed with marigold and the pale brown is a tea dye. The last time I tried to natural dye was in the spring of 2020 with avocado pits. The textured papers (pink, white, cream) are from a local art warehouse. 
Paper bojagi is a great way to use old paper scraps, print offcuts, and all the random gift wraps I've accumulated over the years. The paper with the Chinese/Japanese characters came from a mochi box from three years ago! 

Bojagi looks so different held up to the light (above) versus flat on a table (below).

Hanji is a Korean paper made from mulberry trees. The way that the sheets are formed results in a very durable paper with no specific grain. 

Bonus: I tried my hand at something a little more difficult than rectangles and made a butterfly!

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